22 June 2009

For a complete list of the squadrons that were based at the airfield go to Squadrons at RAF North Weald.   

In 1941, before America entered the war, two American "Eagle" Squadrons, 71 and 121, were stationed here.  2001 was their 60th anniversary. For further information go to Eagle Squadrons.   

Saturday 16th March 2002 saw the farewell visit to North Weald and the museum of 72 Squadron, complete with two Wessex helicopters.  For photographs of the occasion and the farewell flypast on 27th March 2002 go to 72 Squadron Flypast.

In 1942 the Norwegians arrived at North Weald.  The 19th of June 2002 was the 60th anniversary.   It was celebrated at North Weald with a ceremony and a visit by six veteran spitfire pilots of the period.  For further information go to Norwegian Squadrons' 60th Anniversary.

In 2006 the Norwegians made a return visit.  For further information go to Norwegian Squadrons' 2006 visit.

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